If winter has you spending more off duty time in your truck let BunkRite make you more comfortable

"Trucking companies are discovering BunkRite"

Drivers are one of your most valuable assets.  Recruiting and retaining good drivers is an ongoing effort.  And while pay is important, so are the decisions that show how much drivers are valued. 

For a small investment, BunkRite can help by showing that driver comfort while on the road is important.

BunkRite also helps companies manage risk by helping drivers rest better.  A rested driver is a safer driver.  When its time to sleep, BunkRite adjusts the mattress to the right position for each driver's needs.  Flat for some.  Slightly raised for others.  Fully raised if that's best.

Fleet Programs

Fleets have used several ways to introduce BunkRite to their drivers.

- An award for safe driving miles

- Driver recognition gifts

- Promote to drivers as part of your Driver Wellness program with company discount

- Offer in your Driver Company Store

- And more...

Click on the SHOP link above and order a BunkRite online to try out today.  We think you'll like it. 

Then when you are ready for more CONTACT US for fleet discounts.