If winter has you spending more off duty time in your truck let BunkRite make you more comfortable

Why BunkRite?

A driver's lifestyle can be tough.  BunkRite was designed to make that life a little easier and safer.

An experienced, professional driver understands how they spend their off-duty hours are important to how they feel and how safely they operate their vehicle when on-duty.  And being able to relax and sleep well in their trucks is an important factor.

"The Recliner for Your Truck" is BunkRite's slogan.  But also the goal...to help bring a little bit of home with you on the road.  Everyone loves some R&R time in their recliner.  Now you can bring one with you.

BunkRite works with your existing mattress.  It's as easy as sliding it under the head end of your mattress, connect the hose, plug in the power and push a button.

Raise it all the way up to work on a laptop or watch TV, let it all the way down or anywhere in between that makes you comfortable.  All without having to maneuver a bunch of pillows.  Though we recommend you do keep one.

BunkRite's are designed and assembled in Louisville, KY.  Here we love God, family and country.  We also love our Derby, basketball and bourbon.  But not always in that order.

Take a recliner on the road with you.  Give BunkRite a try.